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Planning and Maintenance

Planning & Development Regulations

Planning and zoning is regulated within the municipality by the RM of Prince Albert Zoning Bylaw and Development Plan.

The Rural Municipality of Prince Albert is a member of The Prince Albert District Planning Commission.  Other members include the Rural Municipality of Buckland and the City of Prince Albert.   The Planning Commission was formed in 1956 to promote a  regional approach to agriculture, commercial and residential development and has been a model for others throughout the province. The Planning Commission is an advisory body and provides planning expertise to the member councils.

All new construction within the municipality requires both a Development Permit and Building Permit.

The Development Permit allows the Planning Officer to ensure that the new development meets all requirements for the zoning district in which the development will occur. Fees are as follows: Permitted Use – $100.00; Discretionary Use – $200.00. Every applicant for a building permit shall pay a fee of $50.00 plus $4.50 for every $1,000.00 estimated value of construction in excess of $10,000.00.  The estimated value of the construction of the building will be calculated by the Building Inspector.

Farm buildings which include barns, sheds, granaries do not require a building permit.  We do ask that a development permit be submitted for farm buildings in order to ensure that they meet the setback requirements of the Zoning Bylaws.

Farm dwellings DO require a building permit.

Please ensure that Development Permits and Building Permits are issued before any construction begins.  For further information please contact Teresa Hanson, Planning Officer at 306-763-2469.

Subdivision forms and information can be downloaded from these links:

Development Permits and Building Permits can be picked up from the Municipal Office or directly from the Planning Officer.

The Prince Albert District Planning Commission has undertaken a complete review of the District Development Plan and the Zoning Bylaw.

The New Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaws are now in effect. To view, follow the links below.

Frequently Requested Documents


The RM has adopted a new Zoning Bylaw, which impacts all Applications for Development.

The Director of Planning has a defined level of authority.  A development permit or building permit is subject to any conditions placed on the Approval.

The authority of the RM is communicated through a Resolution of the RM Council.

If an application requires Re-Zoning or a Development Agreement, there are time and legal obligations to be met.


Until a Development Permit and a Building Permit are issued, no Person has the right to do any site work.

Please review the Zoning Bylaw and the Official Community Plan when considering any development.

The Director of Planning will be able to assist with the steps to be taken.  However, the responsibility to follow the Bylaw rests with the Applicant.

Did you know?  A Building Permit is valid for a year from the date of issue.  This means that construction must commence within the year (not be completed within a year) There is no cost for an extension which can be obtained by contacting the Planning Commission at 306-764-2451.

Prince Albert Rural Water Utility

In 1993, a Steering Committee was formed consisting of residents of the RM of Prince Albert whose aim was to ensure a safe and adequate water supply for their families and operations.

The Prince Albert Rural Water Utility was formed by bylaw through the Rural Municipalities of Prince Albert, Duck Lake and Buckland.

Facts on Receiving City Water in the Rural Municipality of Prince Albert, Buckland and Duck Lake.

New Subscriber Fee

  • If you purchase a property with water currently installed, a New Subscriber Service Connection Fee of $75.00 will be charged.

Water Bill Cost

  • In most cases, water bills are sent out every three months, however, connections in mobile home parks and some high volume users are billed monthly.
  • Regular water bills – $57.35 per month service charge, $3 per month Capital Replacement and Statutory Requirement Fund plus water charged at the current rate of $18.23 per thousand gallons.
  • Interest is charged on overdue water bills at a rate of 2.75% per month.
  • If your water bill is unpaid after a 60 day period your water will be disconnected. If that happens, all arrears must be paid in full, along with a reconnect fee prior to the water being turned on.

Payment Options

Water Bill Payments:

  • Online banking
  • Automatic transfer
  • Telephone banking
  • Cash/cheque
  • Interac

Capital Connection Payments:

  • Interac
  • Cash/cheque

Road Maintenance

The Rural Municipality of Prince Albert has three full time employees and eight seasonal employees.

These outside employees are dedicated to the municipality and have responsibility for road maintenance and construction.  Several programs are in place which include:

  • Road Construction
  • Road maintenance
  • Culvert installation, repair and maintenance
  • Gravelling
  • Mowing
  • Signage
  • Brush cutting
  • Custom work
  • Snow plowing

The Municipal Shop of the RM is located on Phelps Drive.

There are 605 kilometres of designated roads in the RM plus machinery trails and three subdivisions, Silver Willows, Aspen Estates and Southview Acres.

All municipal roads are restricted to Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation secondary weights unless otherwise posted.

The RM of Prince Albert has entered into a Partnership Agreement with Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation.  This Agreement is to preserve the Thin Membrane Highway for light traffic.

The weight restriction on Highway 302 East from the Cecil Ferry Road to the Weldon Ferry is 8 tonnes.  Permits will be issued through the RM office to those producers who have no alternative route other than Highway 302 East.  Permits will be issued to provide access to the nearest heavy haul road.

The Municipality follows the restrictions as set out by Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation in relation to spring weight restrictions.

The RM owns a gravel pit in the RM of Duck Lake and has a leased gravel pit on the east side of the municipality.

Additional gravel is obtained by private local contractors on an as needed basis.

Two operators are assigned to the municipal mowing program.  The mowers work through the municipality and complete a top cut and also a full cut of ditches.

Custom work rates are available on this site.Custom snow plowing such as clearing driveways, yards and access to grain bins is available.

A Snow Removal Agreement is required at the start of each snow fall season. The Agreement can be found under Permits on our website or can be picked up from the Municipal Office.

A red flag at the end of the driveway will advise the operator that a ratepayer is requesting snow plowing by the municipality.

Animal & Pest Control

Mouse bait is available at no cost to ratepayers of the RM of Prince Albert. To pick up bait contact the pest control officer:

  • Peter Ksyniuk

    Pest Control Officer, RM of Prince Albert No. 461


Gopher poison is available from local farm service centers.

Weed Control

The Weed Control Act provides the regulation of weed control.

Every owner or occupant of land has a duty to destroy noxious weeds on his land and prevent the spread of noxious weeds to other lands.

The Municipality appoints a weed inspector to enforce the Act and investigate and deal with complaints made to him or to the Council by which he is appointed.

Contact the municipal office if you have complaints or questions regarding noxious weeds.

Stray Animals

Every municipality in Saskatchewan, rural and urban is subject to the regulations of the Stray Animals Act.

No owner shall allow, at any time, any of his/her animals to run at large in the province.  This means we have a “closed herd law” in Saskatchewan.

Any person may restrain a stray.

If the owner is known the finder must immediately notify the owner of the discovery and restraint of the stray.  The owner of the stray has 12 hours within which to pay the finder the restraining fees and get his/her strays released.

If the owner and finder cannot agree on the fees to be paid regarding the restraint, the finder is required to notify the Administrator of the restraint.

When the stray has not been released to the owner within 72 hours after the owner is notified the finder shall deliver the animal to the pound.

If the finder does not have the necessary equipment or resources to deliver the stray to the pound the administrator is required to arrange for delivery to the pound.

The owner is liable for any fees or other compensation payable respecting his or her stray.  These fees can include impounding, aiding in restraining a stray, providing veterinary services, providing care and sustenance, transporting costs, advertising costs and others.*

* The above is a summary of requirements listed in The Stray Animal Guide prepared by Government Relations and available from the Government Relations web site.

Recycling Options

Paper and Cardboard recycling is available at various locations in the City of Prince Albert:

  • Materials Recovery Facility (460 40 St. E)
  • Gateway Mall (south parking lot, East side)
  • Art Hauser Centre (south parking lot, adjacent to 6 Ave. E.)
  • East End Hockey Rink (12 Ave. E. & 4 St E.)
  • 8 St E. Parking Lot, 100 Block (between the Union Centre and the Royal Canadian Legion)
  • Municipal Service Centre, City Yards (11 38 St E.)

Paper, magazines, cardboard, boxboard, cardboard egg cartons, and cardboard and plastic milk containers that have been rinsed may be placed in these bins.

Scrap Metal – McDonald Metals – Highway 3 South.  They currently buy scrap metal that is transported to their sight.  They will also accept clean tin cans and used large appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, etc.

Paint Recycling – SARCAN locations.

Electronics Recycling – SARCAN at 3865-5 Ave E.

Scrap batteries – P.A. Battery 304-16 St. W.

The North Central Saskatchewan Waste Management Corporation (NCSWMC) has published a news release commending the rate payers of the RM of Prince Albert as well as the ten other participating municipalities on their tremendous results at responsible recycling. View the Recycled Fibre News Release. (PDF)


Composters can be purchased at a cost of $35.00 from the Materials Recovery Facility located at 460-40th St. East, Prince Albert.

What items should you compost? Here are some examples:

Fruit scraps:

  • Apples & apple peels
  • Bananas & peels
  • Grapes
  • Berries

Vegetable trimmings:

  • Celery tops
  • Carrot tops-scrappings
  • Potato


  • Tea bags & leaves
  • Coffee filters & grounds
  • Bread
  • Shredded paper
  • Grass clippings
  • Leaves
  • Saw dust
  • Old potting soil
  • Plant trimmings
  • Flowers & weeds

What items should you Not compost? Here are some examples:

  • Dairy products (including butter, yogurt, milk, cheese)
  • Vegetable oil
  • Chicken
  • Metals
  • Meat & bones
  • Fish
  • Pet waste
  • Plastics
  • Glass bottles
  • Pop cans

Disposal of Needles

What to do if you find a Needle…

Adults may, if they feel comfortable doing so, safely handle and dispose of a used needle if they follow the given steps:

  • Wear a pair of durable protective gloves (preferably leather).
  • Pick the needle up by the plunger end and hold it so that the pointed end is facing downwards away from your body.
  • Place the needle and the needle cap into a puncture-proof container (500ml pop bottles will work) and put the lid on tightly.
  • Wash your hands

Dispose of the needle by bringing it to one of the following Needle Drop-Off Bins:

  • Fire Hall, 76-15th Street East (front of building)
  • Liquor Store, 99th-9th Street East (behind store)
  • National Hotel, 906-1st Avenue West (behind store)
  • Sylken Conf. Store, 1600-15th Street West (behind store)
  • Pineland Apts., 235-10th Street East (behind building)

For more information call:

Public Health Services at 306-765-6540 or 306-765-6600

Saskatchewan Water Security Agency

The Saskatchewan Water Security Agency has the responsibility for administering the approval process for construction and operation of drainage works.

Drainage works include “any action taken or intended for the removal or lessening of the amount of water from land and includes the deepening, straightening, widening and diversion of the course of a stream, creek or other watercourse and the construction of dykes”.

The construction and operation of most drainage works requires approval from the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency.  By discussing your proposal with staff at the Watershed Authority’s Regional Office, you will be advised on whether or not your proposal requires an approval.  The telephone number is 306-446-7450.

Fact sheets and forms can be found at

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