RM 461 Office The Councils of The Rural Municipality of Prince Albert and the Rural Municipality of Buckland celebrated the grand re-opening of the newly renovated and expanded Municipal Centennial Building on October 4, 2007.

The expansion and renovations occurred over a period of fifteen months and while it seemed at times they may never be completed, the renovations have come to an end and the results are well worth the wait!

The official opening of the Municipal Centennial Building took place on June 15, 1967.

Since that date our office family has expanded in order to provide one stop service to our ratepayers and now includes the Prince Albert District Planning Commission and the Prince Albert Rural Water Utility.

If you have any questions regarding municipal issues such as assessment, taxation, infrastructure, or general concerns, please contact our office @ 306-763-2469 or

Information regarding connection to city water can be obtained by contacting the Prince Albert Rural Water Utility @ 306-764-6200.

Taxes & Assessments


The taxation year for the RM runs from January 1 to December 31.

For 2018 the mill rates are:

Municipal Mill Rate 6.31 mills Mill Rate Factors
Saskatchewan Rivers School Division No. 119
Prince Albert Roman Catholic School Division No. 6
non-arable 0.94
other ag 0.94
residential 1.38
multi 1.38
com/ind 0.94
railway 0.94

Each ratepayer is charged an Essential Service Fee of $260.00 
This fee is comprised of the requisitions paid by the municipality for the provision of fire service, the RCMP and North Central Saskatchewan Waste Management Corp.

A discount for prompt payment of taxes is available as follows:

January 1 to July 31 7%
August 31 6%
September 30 5%
October 31 4%
November 30 2%

**Please note, effective 2013, there will be no discount on the School portion of your taxes. The discounts are still in effect on the Municipal portion of your taxes.

The prompt payment discount applies to partial payments as well as full payment.

Payment can be made in the following manner:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Interac
  • Preauthorized Fund Withdrawal (Fill in the required information online then print, sign and submit the paper version.)
    (Automated Funds Transfer Authorization)
  • E-transfers (email and use the password taxes)


Assessment of Property

Assessments for property within the Rural Municipality of Prince Albert are prepared by the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency.  Assessment notices are generally mailed in May.

In a reassessment year all ratepayers will receive an assessment notice.   If it is not a reassessment year you will only receive a notice if an inspection of your property has been carried out.   Your assessment is official notice of the assessed value that SAMA has calculated for your property. 

Please read your assessment notice carefully and contact the municipal office for a copy of your field sheets.  These sheets contain details of the assessment of your property.

If you have concerns regarding your assessment you can review all of the information on your field sheet directly with an assessor at 306-752-6142 (Melfort).

If you disagree with the property value established by SAMA, there is a formal appeal process available to you.

For further information please contact the municipal office.



Burning Permits

  • Under Bylaw No. 7 of 2015, no burning is allowed in the R.M. of Prince Albert  No. 461 without a Permit.
  • To obtain a permit please attend the R.M. office and complete an application.  There is no fee for the permit.
  • The failure to obtain a Permit is an offence under the Bylaw and subject to prosecution.
  • Violations of the regulations set out in burning permits are the responsibility of the property owner.  If such violation results in fire fighting services and costs are incurred, they are the responsibility of the property owner and the R.M. will be claiming such costs when they are incurred.
  • You may want to review your insurance policy to determine the amount of coverage you have for fire fighting costs.
  • Permits are available below:
  • Burning permits are required from April 1 to November 30 annually. 
  • Permits for burning barrels and barbeque pits are valid for the season, April 1 to November 30.
  • Permits for burning brush piles, slough areas, etc are valid for one week only and can be renewed by contacting the municipal office at 306-763-2469.
  • Please call 1-866-404-4911 for all controlled burns.


Custom Work Options & Equipment Rental Rates

Equipment    2018 Rates 1
TS14 (Buggy/Scraper) $ 200.00/hr
Cat D6H2 $ 200.00/hr
Graders $ 160.00/hr
Mowers $ 110.00/hr
Snow Removal3 $ 50.00
Rubber Tire Hoe $ 125.00/hr
Excavator $ 235.00/hr
Rock Truck $ 200.00/hr

Rates updated February, 2018
1 above rates subject to fuel rate increases
2 plus $100.00 surcharge and 2 day / client maximum
3 minimum charge


Sale Items

Municipal Maps are $20.00 if picked up at the office or $22.00 if mailed.

Photocopy of a historical map (revised in 1916) of the RM of Prince Albert are $6.00 if picked up at the office or $8.00 if mailed.



List of Heritage Properties

The following is a list of property designated as Municipal Heritage Property:

  • St. Andrew’s (Halcro) Anglican Church Site
  • St. Catherine’s Anglican Cemetery
  • St. Mary’s Anglican Church site
  • St. Paul’s Lindsay Cemetery
  • Vintage Power Machines Museum Site


List of Original Cemetery & School Sites

The following is a list of the  original church, cemetery and school sites:

Original School Districts:

Birson School SE 13-48-24-W2M
Cecil School SW 28-49-24-W2M
Colleston School SW 22-49-25-W2M
Fanford School NE 26-48-23-W2M
Island Lake School (Davis) NW 17-47-25-W2M
Kirkpatrick School SE 20-47-27-W2M
Lindsay School NW 06-47-27-W2M
Maiden Lake School SW 02-48-26-W2M
McIntosh School SE 11-47-27-W2M
Original West Central School NW 16-47-27-W2M
Osborne School NE 33-46-26-W2M
Red Deer Hill School NE 22-46-27-W2M
Ridge School SW 21-47-27-W2M
Riverside School NE 36-47-26-W2M
Royal School SE 16-47-26-W2M
Russelville School NW 34-47-25-W2M
St. Leonards School RL 6-46-25-W2M
SK Forks School SW 16-49-23-W2M
School Section NE 02-46-28-W2M
School Section NE 11-46-27-W2M
School Section NE 11-48-23-W2M
School Section NE 11-48-24-W2M
School Section NE 29-45-27-W2M
School Section NE 29-47-24-W2M
School Section SE 29-47-25-W2M
Stanleville School NE 32-47-24-W2M
Steep Creek School SW 22-49-23-W2M

Cemetery Markers:Monument

Colleston Church & Cemetery SE 25-49-25-W2M
Deer Park Church & Cemetery SE 24-46-27-W2M
Holy Trinity Cemetery NE 34-47-24-W2M
Red Deer Hill Church NE 22-46-27-W2M
Royal Church SE 17-47-26-W2M
St. Andrews Church RL 19-46-26-W2M
St. Anne’s Church & Cemetery SE 36-48-23-W2M
St. Catherine’s Cemetery RL 25-47-27-W2M
St. Paul’s Lindsay Cemetery NE 04-47-27-W2M
Steep Creek Church SW 18-49-23-W2M
Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Cemetery SE 19-46-27-W2M

In the interest of preserving our history within our municipality and to encourage visitors to our municipality to visit the heritage sites the R.M. of Prince Albert created a comprehensive list of our original churches, cemetery and school sites.  Each site is marked with a monument.  

These monuments can be found on our municipal map, each is shown with a green Saskatchewan shape and a legend on the right hand side of the map lists the legal descriptions of all sites.