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APAS Updates

1. APAS District meetings are now complete: We held our last District meeting on April 5 in Manitou Beach for Districts 4 and 5. We had great attendance at the meeting, and you can click here to see a photo. Thanks to all our APAS Representatives who attended the meetings in Kindersley, Weyburn, and Manitou Beach over the past couple weeks. We provided the Representatives with numerous updates on APAS activities, including our recent visit to Ottawa for the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) AGM and the numerous lobbying meetings we had while we were there, as well as updates on our recent advocacy on proposed amendments to The Pest Control Act, drought preparedness, the April 1 carbon tax increase, and our response to the 2024/25 provincial Budget.


2. APAS provincial election issues survey: Since there will be a provincial election on October 28, APAS wants to know which provincial agricultural issues our members are most concerned about right now. Click here to answer a survey with just one question – What is the most important agricultural issue that the provincial government needs to fix right now?


3. APAS met with Conservative MP Warren Steinley: On April 4, Bill Prybylski (APAS Vice-President) met with Warren Steinley (Conservative Member of Parliament for Regina-Lewvan) at the APAS office in Regina. They discussed the railway carbon surcharge, protecting the Maximum Revenue Entitlement (MRE), our Canada Grain Act Summit, drought preparedness, and the APAS Farmers and Food Prices report. Click here to see a photo of Bill and Warren at our office. These meetings with MPs and MLAs are very important opportunities for APAS to raise their awareness about issues impacting Saskatchewan’s farmers and ranchers…just let me know if you want some extra information and photos from the 10 excellent meetings we had with federal officials during our recent lobbying trip to Ottawa.


4. Letter from APAS and Sask Wheat to Minister MacAulay on the Canada Grain Act Summit: On April 10, APAS and Sask Wheat sent a letter to the federal Minister of Agriculture, Lawrence MacAulay, with various recommendations that came out of our recent Canada Grain Act Summit in Saskatoon. Click here to read our letter to the Minister. To quickly recap the event, APAS and Sask Wheat hosted the Canada Grain Act Summit in Saskatoon on March 26 to discuss a variety of topics related to the Canada Grain Act and the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC). Some of the topics on the agenda were the significance of the mandate of the CGC, strengthening the CGC’s producer protections, grain contract transparency, and the CGC’s funding model.


5. APAS response to April 1 carbon tax increase: On April 2, APAS sent out a media release and an updated backgrounder that breaks down the serious financial impact of the April 1 carbon tax increase on Saskatchewan’s producers. Click here to read our full media release and backgrounder, but the most important information is in the fifth bullet on the first page of the backgrounder. A Saskatchewan grain farm producing and marketing a 62 bushel/acre wheat crop would have paid $1.93 in carbon tax per acre in 2019, is paying $7.42 per acre in 2024, and will be paying $17.31 per acre by 2030.


6. New page on the CFIA website about avian influenza in livestock: Since it’s been in the news quite a bit over the past week, we just wanted to let you know that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has created a new page on their website with information about avian influenza in livestock. Click here to read the new page on their website.