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Road Maintenance Update January 2nd to January 5th, 2024

Mulching in Division 1 to open up road RR 2240 known as Birson Road. This will take the rest of the week.

Culvert markers to be installed along Red Deer Hill road, (Red Deer Hill Road is the boundary for Divisions 4,5,6). Will take place Thursday, Jan 4th and Friday, Jan 5th.

Blocks and hydraulic lines are being installed at the shop on the graders for preparation of snow plows and wing installation to follow into next week.

Tree removal near River Resilience Retreat in Division 4. Tree over-hangs roadway along River Road Twp 452 Deer Park Road. Will take place Wednesday, Jan 3rd.

Wash board: Red Deer Hill Road in Division 5 at Highway 2 Junction. Road J in Division 5. Phelps Drive and Elevator Road on to Russtan Road. Will take place Thursday, Jan 4th and Friday Jan 5th.

Gravel Haul for stockpile from Paulsen pit to the municipal centre for 2024.