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Public Service Announcement -Fire Management

Fire Management

Public Service Announcement

Should Fire Services Respond to a Fire – Please Read

Fire response services are required as result of fire, costs, invoiced to the municipality by the
Fire Chief, as a result of such a fire, for consumables, extra equipment or firefighting personnel,
will be invoiced by the municipality to the landowner where the fire was started.
6(d) Should invoices issued to land owners outlined in Sections 6.(a), (b) and (c) not
be paid prior to the end of a calendar year in which they were sent, the Council of
the municipality may authorize the Administrator, in accordance with the
Municipalities Act, to add the amount of such invoices to the tax roll of the land
owned by the person to whom the invoice was sent.
** The RM advises property owners to have adequate Fire Insurance to cover any fire costs **
Bylaw No. 4 of 2020 – Fire Management Bylaw
Section 6 – Recovery of Protection Service Costs
This pertains to anyone that burns with or without a Burning Permit