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Dust Control Applications – 2022

Good Afternoon,

We wanted to reach out to our RM Residents and provide some information in regards to Dust Control for 2022. We will be offering Dust Control Suppressant at a 50/50 cost share to our RM of Prince Albert Ratepayers, please be advised that with fuel costs rising, there has been some changes to the cost for this season. Please see below for complete break down and a copy of our Dust Control Agreement.

  • Dust control will be supplied and applied at a minimum of 200 meters
  • Price per 200 meters at cost share is $382.50
  • Any applications consisting of more than 200 meters, will be subject to an additional 67.50 per 100 meters for water application PLUS the cost of calcium

$157.50 (calcium) + 67.50 (water) totaling $225.00/per 100 meters of calcium above and beyond the minimum of 200 meters.

  • Driveways and personal areas on properties will be charged at full cost, at $450 per 100 meters
  • Our Public Works Director will be measuring and staking the areas requested for the application
  • Please note that no suppressant will be provided unless an agreement is in place
  • The deadline for all applications to be handed in to the RM office is June 24th, 2022, at 4pm
  • Please ensure the agreement is properly filled out with all information, such as phone number, mailing address, legal land description and how many meters you are requesting to be applied

Please see the link below to download/print the agreement.

Please send to:

Fax: 306 763 6369

Phone: 306 763 2469