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Interact E Transfers to the RM of Prince Albert – Information Post

Good Afternoon,

We wanted to reach out and advise the RM of some technical issues regarding interact E Transfers to the RM for payment of Taxes, Invoices, etc.. We had updated our email addresses and with doing so, something had not activated properly for direct deposit and in conjunction was not getting deposited. Unfortunately no notices where sent via email to advise us to accept these transfers.

The technical issue has now been resolved, and auto deposit is now up and running as intended. 

** Please note that if you had sent payment anytime between January 1, 2022 until today most likely where not received, therefor we ask anyone who may have sent a payment to please call the RM to verify.

Our email for payment is, no password is required.

If you should have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact the Municipal Office.

Thank you!