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Emergency Management Message – Ice Breakup

Good Afternoon,

We wanted to reach out to our RM Residents in regards to a safety concern from our Emergency Management Coordinator pertaining to the risk of ice breakup.

Due to the above-normal snowpack over tributary catchments located to the north of the North Saskatchewan River, there is an increased potential for a dynamic ice breakup event, including ice jamming, on the North Saskatchewan River and Saskatchewan River this spring.
Ice jam events typically occur in mid-April on this system with increasing temperatures, but these events can occur as early as the final week of March or as late as the first week in May.
Ice jam events are difficult to predict, but with the current conditions, there is an increased likelihood that a dynamic ice breakup event similar to that seen in 2020 will occur.
Ice jam events are never the same and ice could jam and release differently than what was observed in 2020. Additionally, a slow melt event could result in a benign ice breakup