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Road Maintenance Update for March 8, 2022 – Informative Information

Good Morning RM Residents.

I wanted to reach out and advise everyone that the Public Works Department is working tirelessly to get to all areas of the RM in their entirety, however with the 60 km/hr winds that we had experienced yesterday leaves them re routing.

We Kindly ask that if your vehicle had to be left abandoned on the municipal road, please call the Municipal Office (306-763-2469) to inform location so we are able to pass that information along. The operators will go around the vehicles if possible, however sometimes they have to simply go the other way for the time being. The telephone at the Public Works Shop is not a controlled phone line, it is for emergency’s only – being that all our operators are out clearing snow, it is best to call the office with any questions or concerns.

Please do not push the snow on our Municipal Roads, we are experiencing areas where snow has been pushed and left on the road, this is an extreme┬áhazard, and very dangerous – we are making our way – please be patient, we have all five graders out and will update our Road Report as frequently as it is needed to keep everyone as informed as we can.

Personal Driveways may be cleared if flag is out, this is at the discretion of the Operator and Foreman, do to the snow drifts and accessibility, it is being handled and determined on each separate situation. Once the roads are cleared, personal driveways will be plowed, however we have to get the main roads open firstly.


Thank you.