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Clifton – Geotechnical Slope Stability Assessment

September 13th, 2021
Clifton – Geotechnical Slope Stability Assessment
The RM of Prince Albert has hired Clifton to prepare a slope stability assessment for the southern riverbank along the North Saskatchewan River. Engineers with Clifton will be conducting field inspections this week, which may involve flying a drone to photograph the riverbank.
The purpose of the study is to determine which areas along the riverbank have experienced slope instability and identify areas that may be susceptible to slope movement in the future.
The engineers with Clifton may request access to the riverbank through resident properties. The RM thanks residents for any cooperation in this regard.
Any questions regarding this study can be directed to the RM office, 306-763-2469.
Jason Kaptein,
Director of Planning and Development
RM of Prince Albert No. 461