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Maintenance Update

Hello everyone,

Looks like sunny days are ahead of us here and are pleased to say that our graders have been out since yesterday.

We will have two graders that will be starting on Russtan Road working East and  two graders will be staring on Lincoln Park Road working West.

Our Operators are still working their way through removing top soil at the new RM build site.

Beaver Blasting has begun, and will be starting in Division 1.

Gravel crushing through our gravel contract with Paulsen’s is underway at the Lilly Plain gravel pit.

And last but not least, our equipment requires round the clock maintenance to keep them maintained for longevity and functionality – therefore work is still underway at the RM shop!!

We are thrilled that we are able to get an early start on maintenance around the RM – If there should be any questions or concerns that you may have or note any culverts that are posing a threat to any RM infrastructure, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at the office so we are able to draw immediate attention to them.

Please also keep in mind, that should you wish to burn – make sure you have a valid burning permit.

Enjoy this beautiful day ahead of us & Take care.