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SaskPower – Smart Meter Program


Later this month, SaskPower will be looking for volunteers who may be interested in early access to our residential smart meter program. SaskPower will install its first meters by August 2021, and we want customers interested in receiving one to experience the benefits that come with signing up. Both the meter and installation come at no charge, and only customers who volunteer will receive one at this stage. As a key leader in the community, we want to provide you with the information you need to support this campaign.

Smart meters offer multiple benefits to our customers. They will virtually eliminate billing estimates, meaning customers are billed for exactly the power they use. Smart meters also send automatic reads, eliminating the need for us to enter a property to read the meter. They also allow customers to track their power use to find ways to save power. These are some of the reasons our customers are asking for this technology. In January 2020, we had more than 2,000 customers volunteer for a smart meter within just a few days.

Smart meters are a key part of a modern power system that will help improve our service to you. As SaskPower adds more technology, we will be able to tell in real time where the power is on or off. This will help us to pinpoint the cause of an outage and send crews to the right location quickly to fix it.

We learned from our experience in 2014, where we experienced problems with meters of a completely different type. Over the last seven years SaskPower has worked hard to find meters that meet our new and more rigorous standards, develop processes and complete thorough meter testing. A third-party testing facility, MET Labs, has also verified that the meters we’re using meet the new standards. MET Labs is a North American global service leader for product safety approvals and regulatory certification of electrical products.

We have attached an information sheet to help answer any questions. Please feel free to distribute to interested members of your community. Please note, we’re starting with single-family dwellings only at this time. Multi-family dwellings, like apartments, will be added later. This is to ensure the pilot is on a voluntary basis only.

To find out more about the SaskPower smart meter program, please click on the link below.

SaskPower - Smart Meter Program