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COVID Vaccine

It has been brought to our attention during a few recent telephone conversations in regards to the newly released vaccination now available for bookings, along with some confusion pertaining to certain preliminaries during the booking process.
We wanted to advise everyone that we have made some phone calls today and reached out to our resources to help alleviate some of the miscommunication. We have learned that the vaccine that is available will be a staggered release, they are starting with the City of Prince Albert and afterwards will be branching out to surrounding areas.
We were advised that this staggered process could be three days or three weeks depending on events that may become present during this difficult time.
Please note that your chance will become available very soon. I hope this assisted in clarifying the release of the vaccine, if there should be any further questions in regards to this matter, please reach out to our MLA, Delbert Kirsch.
Attached please find the most recent COVID-19 Immunization Campaign & Delivery Plan. Updated versions will be available here: